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Here you will find the most recent publications and thoughts related to hibernation and Sonnambulismus result of the experience with Ketamin. The main publication is dated 23.11.2012, the studies and medically attended self experience began in 2010 with the aim of orthopedic intervention in suspected diagnosis osteoarthritis of the hip. Subsequent to the application of ketamine was found, however, that instead of a general age-related wear and tear of the hip had a failure of the motor processes were conducted as a result of childhood trauma of the femoral nerve to an overload of the joint. In the course of behavioral therapy indicated regeneration of motor processes led to surprising insights about relationships and therapeutic opportunities in the relationship between behavioral and ketamine.

I decided at that time to publish as published in the media on the other side was they had found a way of bridging nerve in multiple sclerosis. I'm even more curious to see if it is ketamine, as in July 2012, the retail price of ketamine Inresa has increased by a staggering 100%.

Please be understanding that I can provide information on the specific handling of ketamine only to persons who are authorized to handle it.

Please note that I have discovered all the following results alone, and through experiments on my own body. The documentation of the experimental results are under notarial custody, and their publication is no longer under my control, but is instead bound by objective criterion, in particular a guarantee that persons involved without fear of reprisals by the German authorities as health offices and chambers.

Portions of this publication are associative rather than structured. I think this is allowed, since a structure, however, derives from a not yet foreseeable application of this knowledge. (I'll do my very best:-)

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Hans- Joachim Krahe


1. The human organism has the rudimentary ability to hibernate as a hormonell and genetic controlled restructuration to the organisms capacities.

2. ...... This suggest, that some deviations in human behavior like adiposity in a row of craving could be interpreted as unsuccessful attempts of hibernation.

3. The adjustments of the organisms capacities are managed with high precision, mostly through hormones. Which hormone is responsible for regulation of this process is unknown, but the process can be virtually completely simulated through the use of the substitute hormone Ketamine.

4. The human organism is equipped with a secondary conduction system ( similar to the way that panting reflex sets in when the normal breathing reflex is interrupted ), which does not seem to be affected by trauma the way that the primary conduction system is.

5. ....

6. Hibernation leads to a reduced sense of time in the organism, and a reduced sense of identity,... The shutdown of the sense of identity can lead to a complete “forgetting” of identity, and to a feeling as though completely different identities are being “experienced”, or rather that the organism is brought back to life with a new sense of identity. This is one possible explanation of the myths of rebirth and soul hiking that possibly can be scientifically explored now without risk of death and health - even not with risk for your soul. These hypotheses will be supported complex elsewhere in anthropological perspective.

7. This process implements, that traumatizations of the primary conduction system ( which constitute among other things the “social imprinting” of the individual, including information rich tense facial expressions, and body language ) can regenerate themselves from the untraumatized secondary conduction system. This effect can already be used therapeutically with the careful targeted use of ketamine, for example as described above, but could also generally induce ( by illnesses such as multiple sclerosis ) the reanimation of complex motor processes....

8. The natural phenomenon of hibernation contradicts the ethics of the christian church, but imho less the prophecies of Jesus Christ himself. ....... The hibernation theorem also changes our view of the Freudian “death instinct”, which can now be seen as a preparation for hibernation, and which ( as I will explain further ) does not need to be thought of as “Beyond the Pleasure Principle”, but rather the opposite. ........

All this, I found out by myself, but that doesn't mean, I am the first one, who found it. So, every time, I get information about previous discoveries the same content on, I will grudge corresponding notes.

how to evaluate ...

Hans- Joachim Krahe Berlin, up to November 23. 2012

Even though I, for reasons of accountability by here would give no information on the use of ketamine in the long-term test, so I would like to give an indication of known risks that I have learned in my experience.

Since I have no rational-to-use access to scientific media, here is a documentation of my distribution route:

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additional thoughts:

12/12/2012 There is an interesting affinity between the programs of the hibernation and the process of civilization. I assume that the hibernation is not directly related to the evolutionary process of civilization collided, but behavioral strategies of the stock and the wintering also independent of the process of civilization evolved.
The goal of both processes is identical insofar as it does on a general interest in the pacification of the situation boils down (in hibernation due to the relative vulnerability, the economics of hibernation leaves no energy loss due to rivalry.). Insofar the Agenda of hibernation include resources that aim to bring about peace in a natural way.

12/13/2012 Another aspect might be interesting: The side effects of ketamine include a system and subside after some time - in my experiment after an intermittent dosing duration of 2 years.
I think that speaks for activation or association of a limited number of resources, which could therefore constitute the resources of consciousness.

8/6/2014 As recent research has shown, brown bears in hibernation suffer from diabetes. This could be a good example of how medical positivism tried bridle the horse by the tail. It's probably more the case that human diabetes is the consequence of the suppression of hibernation reflex.
Some people asked me what conventional substance ketamine comes closest. In my subjective perception, nicotine may play a role, although the toxicity does'nt allow a deepening of perception - but the change of body feeling and creativity tend in the same direction.